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As the jobs’ market faces uncertainty, what industries are currently booming in Suffolk?

In recent years, the UK and jobs’ market has been a mixed bag with unemployment rates in constant flux. In fact, the number of unemployed people in the country has risen for the first time since July last year. However, the picture in Suffolk and its surrounding areas (Ipswich, Bury, and Felixstowe) is a lot more promising. So what’s the key to surviving the uncertain Suffolk job market? It’s having an understanding of the thriving industries and being able to identify where job losses are less likely even in years to come.

Ask Yourself “What’s in Demand?”

It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, there’s always going to be demand for a decent hairdresser, doctor or dentist. The most secure jobs are those which aren’t likely to disappear in a hurry. There’s a reason why construction is one of the booming job industries. It serves the community and will always be needed, and not just in Suffolk but all over the UK. If you ask yourself “what’s indisposable?” and “what can’t I live without?” you might be surprised at the answers.

Consider Long-Term Growth

A recent report by PWC in 2016 outlined the projected growth rate of a variety of industries up to 2025. Job stability is a key factor in any job search. We all want to know that a job’s still going to be there for us further on down the line. A quick glance will tell us that the business services industry is set for massive growth up to 2025, having almost doubled from 1997 to 2015. The education sector could see growth of over a million jobs. These sectors are likely to be in demand on a national scale, so it doesn’t matter if you’re restricting your search to a certain locality like jobs in Suffolk. These figures can ultimately give us great insight into what industries are set to explode over the coming years.

What’s happening in the Suffolk job market

Watching the news and reading newspapers are great ways to find out what industries are in demand. Stories about companies going bust and businesses thriving are equally common, so the media is a great way of finding out where jobs could be. This is a good way to become aware of sectors that are more in demand in Suffolk.


The tech industry is experiencing massive growth in the UK at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. From the cloud storage we use to the security measures on our PC that protect our data, tech is everywhere. Organisation TechEast is taking it further by concentrating it in one place. Aiming to create a “unified tech cluster”, this could see 5,000 new jobs generated by 2020. Their ultimate goal is to make the East a hub for technology, a sort of technology capital. This year’s Tech Nation report already recognised Ipswich and Norwich as centres for technology and innovation and, with 15,000 jobs already in the sector, their potential is only set to grow.

Food and Logistics

Especially in the East of England, there are industries thriving that don’t see as much growth in other parts of the country. The East plays such a huge role in agriculture, food production, and logistics that we need experts to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. This is an especially important sector in Suffolk, with the container port at Felixstowe – the UK’s largest – employing around 2,500 people. If you’re looking for driving jobs in Suffolk, you might be onto a winner!

Other Industries

With ARM, Cancer Research UK, and the University of Cambridge all located in this region, research and development in medicine, technology, and IT are booming. And, according to Directgov, the caring and business sectors are high in demand due to skills shortages. They also employ the most people. Healthcare, caring services, and senior management are sectors set to grow over the next six years, with the health support sector alone foretasted to employ 22% more people. Employment rates in the East are also set to rise incrementally, with 20,000 people predicted to become employed over the course of next year.

The key to finding a job with staying power is to keep on top of industry trends and growth rates. We’ve seen that despite the uncertain job climate, there are plenty of job vacancies in Suffolk and the surrounding area. Ultimately, if you can find a job involving something we can’t live without (healthcare, food, our mobile phones!), you’ll have a job for life.

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