Top Tips for Job Interview Success.

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So you’ve done it: you’ve secured the interview!

You spent hours labouring over your application, CV and covering letter. You kept everything crossed they’ll like you enough to want to know more. And now, here’s your chance.

Too many people fail to see the opportunity in a job interview; instead they see the test.

This is the big one – your Warhol-style 5 minutes of fame.

Make the right impression, demonstrate with flair and this one could be the game-changer!

To get ahead of the game and win the ultimate prize you need to be seriously on the ball… so here’s the first 3 of 10 top tips, to help you ensure you are in the best possible shape for that interview:

1. Preparation is the key

…to your success on the day.

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  • Checkout the company website – and any social media channels. You may have the opportunity to refer to this on the day, so take note.
  • Have a clear idea of the salary you are expecting – especially if it isn’t advertised. Prepare to justify this with specific reasons if necessary.
  • Discover if there are any local (or national if appropriate) competitors you may need to be aware of. if so ensure you are acquainted with their work/details/website. This often comes in useful when asked what you can bring to the role.
  • Ensure you have read your CV throughly – contradictions in interview do not make a good impression!
  • Also, re-read the job advert / job description just before the interview; be clear about the role you are applying for!

2. You will be judged

…from the very first moment.

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Enter the building smiling, speak confidently and politely to any reception or support staff.

  • Handshakes should be firm and accompanied by a genuine smile – with good eye contact.
  • If you walk with your interviewer to the room, make engaging small talk: don’t moan about weather, traffic, parking etc. instead speak confidently and positively e.g. about the building, the ethos or the company website.

Remember that you need to sell yourself – and experts say that it takes a mere 30seconds for another person to decide whether or not they like you and if you will be a good fit with them or their team.

Use every one of those 30 seconds wisely!

3. Think about your body language

…it’s saying all sorts about you even when you’re not speaking.

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There’s lots of info on the internet about good body language – assertive versus aggressive etc.

If you don’t know much about this it’s definitely worth doing your research.

Body language is highly powerful and can put off or attract potential employers without you even realising what you’re doing.

Top Tips:

  • maintain good eye contact throughout – do not look at the floor!
  • do not fold your arms across your chest – instead lay them in your lap calmly.
  • don’t lean back in your chair, sit upright and to the floor! Sit upright and remain an active participant at all times.
  • when emphasising or illustrating a point, don’t be afraid to use gesture and expression.
  • use your hands, lean forwards when you talk – and engage your interviewers.
  • don’t hang back when walking with anyone else, maintain a pace with them and show them your are equal to it.
  • relax your shoulders but keep you chin up – literally!

You need to prepare and practice your body language – when panic, or nerves, kick in you wont be able to think about it. So practise, practise, practise until it’s perfect!

More tips to follow – check back soon and find out more useful info on preparing for your job interview………

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Don’t Have a Job? 5 Tips to Beat Unemployment Terror

In an uncertain jobs market, how can you beat the terror of unemployment?

In April, it was announced that unemployment in the UK had increased for the first time in seven months. From December 2015 to February 2016, the number of people out of work grew by 21,000 to a staggering 1.7 million. Unfortunately, the Brexit referendum is likely to depress the employment market in the short term. If you’re looking for a job, this sounds like bad news. How can you expect to find work if there are no jobs available? Despite worrying figures on a national level, the employment rates on a local level are a little more revealing. In Ipswich, unemployment rates fell to 1,550 (1.8% of the total unemployed). In Suffolk, it’s a slightly worse picture, with unemployment rates up to 358 in Mid Suffolk and up to 302 in Suffolk Coastal. So if you are unemployed, is there anything you can do to beat the terror and improve your chance of finding work?

Fortunately, there is. No matter what state of the jobs market, there are always jobs available. The main reason why people find themselves unemployable is because their application can’t compete with others’. Also, most people don’t know where to find jobs, or they’re looking in the wrong places. This guide will give you a run down of the tips and tricks you can use to make yourself more employable and help change those sad statistics.

Identify What Jobs are in Demand in Suffolk

Your best chance of securing work is identifying what skills are in demand. Our last blog post on the booming industries in Suffolk discovered that the care, NHS and healthcare workers are in high demand due to skills shortages. Also, consider what industries are always employing. Vacancies in sectors such as construction, agriculture, police, teaching and logistics are popular and always available, as there’s a constant need for these services.

Use a Suffolk Local Jobs Board

Job boards are a great resource as they collect every vacancy and make them available in one place. Chances are you’re looking for a job where you live, and national job boards don’t always have a large variety of positions relevant to you. This can mean there are plenty of job vacancies in London, but not a lot of jobs listed in Suffolk. The benefit of using a local jobs board is that they cater specifically to one locality, so if you’re looking for jobs in Suffolk, you’re much more likely to find a suitable vacancy on a local jobs board. Top Suffolk Jobs is a great example of this, where you can get the latest Suffolk jobs direct to your inbox!

Use an Up to Date CV

It’s crucial to have an up to date CV whenever you apply for a job. Any voluntary work or courses that you attend while unemployed are great additions to your CV and can make you stand out from the crowd; they also show that you weren’t just sitting around idle, waiting for a job to come along.

You should also be tailoring your CV to every job you apply for. If you’re applying for jobs in multiple industries, you’ll want a separate CV for each position. A CV for an administration job will allow you to emphasise your organisational skills and Microsoft Office proficiency, whereas a retail position will require you to focus on your ability to communicate with others and provide a quality customer service.

We’ll be covering how important tailoring your CV is in a future post. We’ll show you how you can alter you CVs design to make an impact and secure a job, so stay tuned.

Tailor Your Cover Letter

This is one of the most important steps to take when applying for a job. Companies might receive hundreds of CVs from applicants, so a tailored cover letter can really make a difference. This is your opportunity to show that you know the company and demonstrate what you can offer them as an employee. It’s wise to visit the employer’s website and gauge what skills and personality traits they ask of their employees. This is important, as it not only shows that you’ve done your research, but you can also see if you’d be a good fit for the company. There’s little point in working with a company whose values don’t align with your own. If you’re not as productive because you don’t fit with the culture of the workplace, it’s neither good for you nor your employer.

Reach Out on Social Media

Reaching out on social media is one of the best tactics you can use. Simply making yourself visible, by liking a post or commenting on a potential employer’s update for example, can help you stand out from the dozens of other applicants. This also allows the employer to put a face to your name and could convince them that you’re the perfect person for the job. Just make sure you keep it professional. You don’t want to make yourself look unprofessional by having photos on your profile you wouldn’t want employers to see (no drunken Photo’s)!

Finding work can be difficult no matter the state of the job market, but the principle is always the same: you need to keep trying and differentiate yourself from the pack. By following these tips, you’ll give yourself a much better chance of securing a job.

If you’re looking for work, why not check out the Top Suffolk Jobs board? Register today, see what jobs are available and new vacancies with the ‘job alerts’ option.