How Suffolk migrant workers could be impacted by Brexit

Surprise Brexit

The Brexit decision of Britain to leave the European Union was a big surprise to many. This unusual event has not been experienced in Europe since 1985 when Greenland decided to leave the European Economic Community. The impact on businesses, workers, entrepreneurs, industries and the economy in generally is a big unknown.

Certain areas of industry in Suffolk will be feeling the effects of the referendum more than others. Overall it has left both industries and companies with an uncertain future. The migrant workers in Suffolk are likely to be amongst those who feel most negative effects from the result

Brexit may impact migration by reducing the general number of people moving to work in Suffolk. EU workers will be allowed to continue to work in the UK for the two years of Brexit negotiations. Their future is uncertain. The UK’s Prime Minister, has warned that the status of EU migrants is up for negotiation.

Immigration impact

Brexit implementation may introduce restrictions on EU immigration in a way similar to the visa scheme. The effect will mostly be noticed towards the top and the bottom of the job ladder where the migrant workers are concentrated. It is reasonable to expect labour shortages in some sectors of Suffolk economy with a large presence of immigrant workers. In particular, food manufacturing, domestic personnel and the parts of the public sector already exposed to skill shortages in areas like social care, education as well as health.

One can thus expect an increase in prices and wages and probably further shortages in these sectors. This might have a negative impact on the Suffolk economy as there might be a huge increase in the number of immigrant that might be willing to leave Suffolk.

Although many see this as a thing that will take time, one cannot deny the fact that immigrant workers make up a reasonable percent of Suffolk economy and even the UK at large.

TopSuffolkJobs contributes to the Brexit debate

You turn on the TV, read the newspapers, talk to your friends and so much fierce debate about the Brexit referendum. Like the majority of the nation, you probably keep asking yourself, who is right and who is wrong? To be perfectly honest, no-body really knows the answer to this difficult question. In general, big business appears to be favour of Brexit, but small businesses are against. Clearly, UK exports to the EU are also in favour of remain.

The founders of the premium Suffolk jobs board decided to enter the debate and offer an opinion on the possible impact of Brexit on the recruitment market. we are privileged that our article is published in the influential digital magazine The article covers the impact of Brexit from three key angles.

  • An amicable split and retention of free trade?

    A key economic and important question, will the Brexit divorce will be harmonious? Ultimately, the EU has to decide whether to co-operate with the UK during the leave negotiations.

  • More money for the recruitment industry?

    In the event of Brexit, arguably, the net UK contributions should release finance for UK industry. By association, the recruitment industry should gain from increased funding and activity.

  • The benefits for small businesses?

    Again, in the event of Brexit, the majority of small UK business should be released from the burden of EU red tape. As small businesses are a key driver for jobs creation, then any reduction in red tape will only help create employment opportunities.

To read the article in full, please check-out 3 ways Brexit would help the recruitment market. We would be interested in your opinions on this emotive topic, so please feel free to leave any comments. We welcome the referendum day, so we can remove the instability and the UK business community can move forward.