Career suicide: courtesy of social media!


“Congratulations! You’ve impressed our selection committee in the first two rounds of interviews – and now, we just have a few more questions…”

Don’t we all want to hear this during an interview?

Music to our ears surely! But then what if this comes next…

Social Media where you least expect to find it:

Social Media - Twitter

 “You’re familiar with our corporate policy on substance abuse? Good. In light of that, I wonder if you could explain this entry we found in your personal blog on”

Social Media where you least expect to find it:

Or this…

Social Media - Facebook“With regard to our policy on harassment, we wondered about this picture of you on”

Or (my personal favourite)…


Social Media - instagram

“This picture on         …err, is that a ferret?” 




We’ve all read the stories about people being fired for:

  • inappropriate
  • foolish
  • illegal
  • or just plain dumb

…posts on their social media profile!

and we all know tales of the guy who telephones in to the office, too sick to come in… then posts photos of himself, out on the tiles with his friends, on his Facebook profile.

Or the woman who tweets about how she’s going to get a promotion as a result of an upcoming merger… when the news isn’t public yet!

You didn’t really think your online life was private did you????

Remember, the very same Social Media networks that keep friends & family in touch with your life, are a generous feeding-ground for smart prospective employers too!

 Social Media icons

5 tips to avoid Social-Media-based career suicide:


1. Think! Social thinking

No matter how much you believe you’ve taken steps and locked down your privacy, don’t forget that retweets, shares and comments from others won’t necessarily afford you the same protection.

Social managing2. Manage!

Many employers now do background checks routinely. Don’t be fooled into thinking your secrets are safe.

3. Conform! Social conforming

Many businesses now have formal guidelines regarding use of social media during work-time and also what details it is permissible to share.

4. Stop! Social Stop!

Use common sense when venting your spleen! If you post nasty comments about your employer, they WILL find out! Many companies actively monitor social networks.

5. Time-out! Social Time-Out

Don’t allow social media, blogs or networks to take over your life! Some businesses now block employee-access to specific sites. Just because you know how to hack into your company’s network or you can bypass it all with your iPhone, doesn’t mean you should!

  • Will you be in hot water should your boss see it? DON’T POST IT!
  • Don’t want others knowing specific things about you? DON’T POST IT!
  • You don’t know whether the timing or content is ok? DON’T POST IT!
  • You have a complaint; talk to someone appropriate! DON’T POST IT!
  • Posting instead of fulfilling your work responsibilities? DON’T!

Ultimately, it all comes down to this simple test: take a dispassionate look at your profiles, then ask yourself if you would employ this person.


Social Media Success

How Christmas Boost’s Local Suffolk Tourism Jobs

Christmas Jobs

It is that time of the year again where people are filled with merriment and families are so delighted as they would want to spend great time with their loved ones. Some organisations will probably be rounding off for the year with many employees breaking up for the year. The Christmas season is usually the busiest period for many businesses and organisations servicing the tourism industry. Naturally, Christmas will boost jobs in Suffolk.

During the Christmas period, travelling activities are very popular. Demand is jointly driven by those leaving the shores of the country and for those coming in based on the fact that the festive atmosphere for many is usually the perfect time to plan holidays and stay cations.

Beside the Christmas season being a time where different companies or organisation thrive and are most likely to create a job opening as a result of the massive increase in the demand of services. Tourism is another area where there is always a massive boost especially at this time of the year.

For parents, it is usually difficult to have a good time with their kids during the school days. Christmas holiday presents itself as a perfect time to have those great, moments with the kids. Likewise for many government and commercial worker that have been busy throughout the year, this usually serves as an avenue to have that long anticipated tour to a place of choice.

Tourism jobs

With Suffolk being very good destinations for tourist, many tourist related businesses will no doubt be in need of more hands to ensure they render efficient service. Families usually go on a shopping spray during Christmas and therefore many more stores will need additional services. This demand creates many job openings for posts like sales person, accountants, drivers, attendant, ushers and lots more. With more people visiting Suffolk, bars, restaurants, hotels recreation centres, eateries, fats foods and many others will be very busy. These venues will require people to fill in for multiple vacancies.

For many unemployed, this seems to be a good season to get a job opening and get busy. For people looking for a temporary job, this Christmas season is just the perfect time to find one.

So it’s important that we encourage this welcome seasonal tourism boost and market Suffolk as a fantastic Christmas venue. In fact Suffolk is a great place to visit at any time of the year.

How will Trump election win impact Christmas jobs in Ipswich

Trump Impact on jobs in Ipswich

The event of the US election has been the subject of political discussion over the past few months. The event finally come to an end as Donald Trump emerged the winner defeating his democratic opponent Hilary Clinton. Will the result impact jobs in Ipswich?

One cannot deny the fact that over the past few months there had been a mixture of uncertainty and anxiety. However, we finally have the election result, and the associated fallout. This has set investors and businesses on their toes. How will the result affect business investments across the world in the long run? However the confusion seems to have become clearer now and people who were previously pessimistic are beginning to be positive.

Festive Season jobs

We are close to a period where services are usually in high demand because of the festive season. This is always a period where the demand of goods and services thrive. For this reason there is always a need for more labour to fill-in for some required posts. If you are currently out of work and have some knowledge of the building trade, labouring, warehouse work, delivery work, sales, retail and marketing, you can almost be certain of finding job. These jobs can always be secured during the time of Christmas and into the New Year.

In Ipswich, temporary and holiday jobs availability is always on the high at this time of the year. Whether you are a student looking for a part-time work during the holidays, or you have been hunting for a job with the hope of benefiting from the recruitment drive in the build up to Christmas, this in its way could serve as a good opportunity. Job seekers who have been able to find a seasonal job at this time could even be fortunate as employers might like to make some of those temporary positions become permanent.

Notwithstanding, taking a closer look at what many feels about the effect the Trump win might have coupled with the effect of recession. It might be safe to say that lots of employers might not be too optimistic. Although markets and businesses are still on the smooth run, lots of entrepreneurs are choosing to tread softly as they might be wondering what the new year might bring forth for their business. For this reason, they are likely not to employ more than they really need. This no doubt does not imply in any way that there will be unavailability of jobs. As we gradually launch into the Christmas season, Ipswich job seekers can always get prepared and await a new opening.

How will Trump Election win impact jobs in Suffolk?

New USA President

The US presidential election has resulted in another political upset, as maverick businessman Donald Trump emerged as the President elect. Many believe that a Trump presidency is likely to cause an increase to the global economic uncertainty. Some economic analysts believe the US election impact on the UK economy will be limited in the short term. Trumps election win may benefit to Britain considering the country is looking to strike a America trade deal post Brexit. How will the election impact jobs in Suffolk?

Before the outcome of the election the reality TV star and business man was a big supporter of Brexit. He mentioned that Britain would not be “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the US. Although one might not presently be able to assess the full impact of the Donald Trump’s remarkable victory on Suffolk. However, one thing is certain and it is that Trump, broadly speaking, has a positive view of Britain. As a matter of fact, he selected Scotland for his plan to create the finest golf course in the world.

Impact of jobs in Suffolk

Initially Suffolk investors were concerned that the election result, as Trump’s policies were unknown. Their mixed feelings focused on the possible impact on the number of available jobs in Suffolk. But now that entrepreneurs and investors continue with their businesses keeping an eye on upcoming events goes to show that the initial fears of huge industrial fallout might be unrealistic after all. On the other hand, investors might find Suffolk as good trading options while those already present will be sure to stand firm. This no doubt helps to calm the stormy seas of fearful uncertainty held by many concerning the adverse effect the Trump administration might bring with it.

The truth is that if it was going to have any effect on Suffolk it would be dependent on the effect the trade policies of the new administration is going to have on world economy in general. Looking critically at how investors and businesses have reacted to the win, one would notice that investors and business activities presently seems to be going on in their usual manner and also keeping fingers crossed as to how the situation would eventually pan out. Although businesses and consumers do not like uncertainty, in this situation they tend just to carry on.

Many believe that the US policies under president Trump will benefit the UK, which is great for jobs in Suffolk. However as time passes and certain policies begins implementation, then we can know for sure the capacity of the effect.

How will Brexit impact Suffolk jobs?

Brexit Impact 

Following Brexit, it might probably be that the net UK contributions should be able to release finance for UK industries. As a result of this, Suffolk recruitment industry would profit from the increase in activity and funding.

Many people who support Brexit believe that small and medium enterprise SME’s will greatly benefit from it, considering the fact that they will no longer be drawn back by the regulations of the EU. Research found that many people believe that the European Union makes it more challenging for them to employ people, and as a result it is of more help to their business instead it is causing limitations.

Although Brexit has its own disadvantage, it will only be for a while and might even not be a drawback after all, because the UK is going to undergo a transition which will bring about an effective and immediate change. This change will bring about increase in the recruitment sector, although the UK might keep several EU laws. Brexit will provide the UK with an avenue to make its own decisions without meddling. One thing is certain; we might presently not have the full understanding of the impact all this is going to have on Britain. Without doubt that the positives of Britain exit from the EU will come to light as time goes on. Irrespective of what one might think, this decision by UK will have its impact on factors like economy and employment.

British Exit

Britain exit from the EU allows them to regain their national authority. This gives markets in Suffolk the opportunity to absorb everything and return to basics of doing business. Britain has a much larger share of EU in trade. The official trade statistics reveals that 63 percent of Britain’s goods exports are linked to EU membership and these trade relations can be hindered in case of Brexit.

Furthermore, this separation from EU is going to allow Britain to negotiate its own deals with non-EU countries. It should easier for non-EU countries, because other non-EU countries would expect faster decision making.

Some seem to be looking at the uncertainty as to what the future holds for Suffolk after the event of Brexit. The truth of the matter is that, while Brexit is unique to the UK, it might also have its own big challenges. People who are presently thinking about investing in Suffolk might begin to take a second thought because they would feel like they are yet to know what sort of impact Brexit would have on Suffolk. Investors are likely to hold back until the Brexit impact is clear before they make their decision to invest. Brexit might also pose a risk to the development and growth of UK’s exports and financial services.

One might not be able to ascertain for sure how the whole event would pan-out. But whichever way, the government has a challenge to ensure that Brexit provides a positive result for Suffolk and UK.

Felixstowe is a great place to find that ideal job

The Port of Felixstowe

Felixstowe is an Edwardian seaside town and civil parish between the River Orwell and River Deben on the North Sea coast of Suffolk. Felixstowe has the UK’s largest container port. Finding a job in Felixstowe, Suffolk is a lot easier when you are able to recognise the right job for you, than finding an advert for any job. Multiple local employers offer many jobs in Suffolk. The simple secret to how you can find a new job in Felixstowe, Suffolk is to focus on the right job for you and then you study the source of the job adverts for that very job. You maybe unemployed, or you have a job where you do not feel too comfortable.

Already employed?

If you already have a job the best thing to do is keep the current job you have while still looking for another.
Already employed, you can use your network, find employers and respond to ads. Remember to send your resume to different internet sites. You need to know that if you put up your CV on the internet, you will be getting calls for quite a long period. It is also important to first evaluate your general situation before you make any hasty decisions. Thoughtlessly looking for a position will waste a lot of your time
Professionals maybe often hired within days of their search, or the job search could take a couple of months to land a job. Why is that so? Despite their critical skills, the truth is that there is no job until someone else quits or a project starts.

How quick to get a new job?

How quickly will you get a new job? That is a huge question. Start your job search while you are employed and reduce the job search stress. Feeling confident and believing in yourself that you can get the job can set you on the gears. In being confident, one needs to be equipped with the right skills, knowledge and be willing to learn. Ensure that your CV and portfolio are well prepared. Your CV is to contain all the appropriate facts about you and your working experience and impress your employers with the mode of your presentation.

Landing a job in Felixstowe, requires a great cover letter. This is a big factor most employers are looking for. It is important to create a good cover letter. This letter should include your availability, desired salary range, and other things which could help you on your application.

The next steps

Consider these 4 important steps;
Step 1: Consider the job you want to do and the proximity to your location.
Step 2: Connect your CV to your target job
Step 3: Be ready for the opportunity
Step 4: When on a sample task, always impress with your skills
These practical steps can help you find a job in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Absolutly must read this if you want a job in Ipswich

Ipswich Town

Ipswich is a county town of Suffolk, in England and a centre for agriculture. Finding a job in Ipswich, Suffolk can sometimes feel like an up-hill task to a lot of people, while to other it might take quite long. The simple question is, how fast can you find a new job? I bet you know a guy who quit and had a new job a week later. He was not even looking when he quit as he probably might have told you. So how long will it take you to get a new job? No one knows.

In a situation where you currently have a job with a fat salary, the truth is it will be more difficult searching for another job. Simply, because your  motivation might be weak, unlike a person who happens to be unemployed.

Here is the first step to finding out how to find a job in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Asking your network to help you in finding the job should not be all. Get to ask people how long it took some of their friends or people they know to find a job. Search for stories of those who found job really quickly and also for cases when things did no go right.

Job searching is not easy

Generally, finding a good job is not really easy. You have to be patient at all times and surely you must always act in a professional manner. If you are searching for Ipswich work at home prospects, remember these do not come very often, so you have to act fast. Likewise, finding legitimate work at home prospects is not that common, so you have to make sure that when you have a chance, grab it with both hands.

You have to be ready at all times so you know that you are a hundred percent certain about getting the job. This would definitely help you to get the job easily. Below are six fundamental steps a job seeker in Ipswich, Suffolk should bear in mind when seeking for a job.

Job Search Steps

Step 1: Is this time to just get a job similar to your existing job or change career completely?

Step 2: Do you need additional qualifications for the job?

Step 3: Ensure that you have a covering letter to be included to your CV and job application form.

Step 4: Make use of job search websites you find on the Internet to research your perfect job.

Step 5: Choose the job you desire and ensure that you go through the process of application.

Step 6: Always be ready for a job interview, even before you send your application.

Having carefully studied these guidelines, you would realise that finding a job in Ipswich, Suffolk would not be difficult for you.

You may wish to check a local jobs board to help locate local quality jobs.

Is Your CV Only Fit To Line the Bin?

Why is a CV important?

Unless you have spent a good amount of time creating such a wonderful CV, that your potential employer just gives you the job, it’s very likely that you’ve not done much with your CV for some time. What’s that you say? It’s not possible? Check out this guy who was given a job without an interview.
Let’s face it, most of us will not be in a position to do what that guy did. So let start with what your CV needs to be able to do. Most people think that it should contain every ounce of detail about their work history (or education if you are not in employment yet) so that it alone will secure the job. That’s not so. You only secure the job during the interview process.

Short Listing

Typically, employer’s short list 5-10 candidates for the interview stage, so the objective of your CV is simple – get you past the first hurdle to secure an interview. As the number of candidates can number hundreds or even thousands, your CV and covering letter have to stand out from the large crowd. Imagine sifting through CV after CV and they all look the same. You can see that a generic CV will not cut the mustard, if you are really serious about landing that perfect job. The reality is that the majority of employers and/or recruiters do not read in full the many CV’s which cross their desk every day. Dull generic CV’s are dull and boring and will only be consigned to the rubbish bin.
No two employers or two jobs are identical, so don’t expect a generic CV to work. The secret is to standout, but still be professional. So don’t put picture of you in swim wear in your CV, unless you are applying for a swim wear modelling job. You will certainly standout, but not for the right reasons. So what can you do to tailor you CV to fit the post you are applying for? Here are some tips that you may find useful….

Research is the key

Read the job description several times and use a marker pen to highlight any key words that the employer has used. Next distil the keywords into a list of the five to six important key topics that you consider are required for the role. Also, study the company website and any publications and again note five to six key words. Use this research to understand the mind-set of the target employer and job requirements.

‘Sex-up’ your CV

By all means start with a template as this will help you structure your experience and information in to an easy to understand format. To this basic content you can ‘sex-up’ your CV using the key words and employer mind set unearthed from your research. Use the key words to demonstrate to the reader how your previous experience and qualifications are a perfect match to the job advert and employer profile. Don’t be scared to leave out previous experience which does not match the job. An unmatched CV profile will only frustrate the reader and lead to the dreaded CV bin.

Genuine Interest

Employers receive so many ‘bland CV’s’, so use the opportunity to show real and demonstrable interest in the job and company. A couple of ‘attentive comments’ within your CV can make all the difference to ‘interview or rubbish bin’. For example, link some of your experience to a recent new product launch from the target company.

Friendly advice

Never be scared to ask for friendly constructive and impartial advice. Send a copy of the job description and your tailored CV to trusted friends and associates and ask for constructive advice. Rather a friend exposes an issue, which can then be simply addressed vs a potential employer, as your CV will simply be rejected.

What CV version

A serious job-hunter may have in excess of 100 tailored CV’s, so always remember to take along the correct version to your interview. If you are seen with a CV version which does not match the version you sent, you are likely to be toast.

Finally, never lie and never die

Whilst it may be a great temptation to ‘inflate’ your CV, never, never lie, as the consequences are generally not worth the risk. Job hunting can be a tough and frustrating business so be mentality prepared for rejection. Learn from the experience and improve your CV and cover letter tailoring skills.

A great source of job adverts are local ‘jobs boards’, and for Suffolk, a popular resource is

Essential – create an effective government workforce skill set

It is generally accepted that government employees who have solid people skills or actively develop people skills are usually happiest in their jobs. Ask yourself ‘how do people typically obtain promotion and develop their careers at local government?’ Simple answer, by demonstrating they care about the impact their actions have on others. Government jobs are very desirable, and Governments adopt formal recruitment policies and procedures. Without the required matching skill set, Government job offers are almost impossible. As you look to develop your skill sets through a range of training programmes, it is equally important to take inventory of your people skills. You will likely be working with people at all levels during various assignments. It is never too early to start developing and practising your people skills.

Open minded

Governments recruit from all corners of the country and society, as is evident in Therefore, you are likely to interact with people who come from a significant range of cultures, views and opinions. Approaching others regardless of your rank and or experience with an open mind demonstrates a tolerant, constructive and respectful attitude.

 A listener

To communicate to others our education, knowledge or opinions, it is easy to keep talking and forget that others need their chance to speak. Civil servants are supposed to be serving others before themselves and therefore it is important to practice speaking less and listening more, to ensure that others may feel valued. It is possible to learn ‘active listening’ with practice, and this approach can includes asking meaningful questions, making eye contact, providing constructive feedback, and avoid multi-tasking or becoming distracted.

Stress management

Dealing with people all the time can be difficult and strenuous, especially when working for local government authorities with formal and multiple departments. To relax and help you prepare for the challenges of the following day, consider engaging in activities such as yoga and regulated breathing to unwind. Try a couple of these stress relieving methods to uncover the discipline which one suits your work/life balance.

The art of negotiation

Negotiating is an important life skill, which can not only help you to save money at the grocery store, but it can also be beneficial in your job. Good negotiators not only manage to prevent and solve conflict among people, but also obtain improved terms for Government departments. Effective negotiation skills develop with practice. Over time most people can learn to negotiate effectively, don’t be scared, and keep practicing.

Be Courteous

People generally respond positively to respect and even if you think others do not deserve respect. You lose nothing and can only gain by being courteous. A work environment with mutual respect is generally harmonious, peaceful and productive. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally respectful, but start small by saying thank you or sorry. With time courteous gestures will become a second nature. As a result your communication skills, value to the organization and promotion opportunities will significantly improve.

Frustrated With Your Current Job?

Bored and frustrated in your current job? Looking for a new direction?

Unless you really enjoy what you are doing, at some point in your job or career you will find that you yearn for something new. Most people starting out are usually excited but mostly relived to land their first job. Their thoughts are likely to be on what it will be like to work for the company that has just hired them and where and how they will “fit in” to the organization. As you grow in to the job you may find that the initial challenges that you faced with excitement have become everyday mundane tasks. Perhaps it’s time to think about moving on.

What you need to consider

There are a number of important components that you should be aware of while searching a new job. The first key component is ‘You’. Your ideal job should be something you like doing so ask yourself will this job give me a sense of accomplishment? Is it pleasurable to be doing the daily activities associated with this post? What makes you happy when you are working is major component that can make you more productive and help you achieving your career goals.

Other components include your skills, interests, abilities, motivations and your previous experiences. Your next job should align with things you have discovered you like doing to get a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated.

Find out what you like doing

While searching for a job, it is important that the job you are looking for is not just means for you to earn more money. Although this is high on most people’s search criteria. You should also make sure that it allows you to utilize your skills, interests and your personality traits. Before surfing through internet for your ideal job, consider completing some career based quizzes to help you find your strengths and areas for improvement. Generally, these quizzes contain important questions that are designed to help you find out what you like and don’t like doing as well as what you are good at.

Found something you like doing? What’s next?

So you’ve found a job that you think will be a good fit for. What’s next? You now need to do some research on the company so you can prepare yourself for the interview and selection process. Your education, skill and experiences make you eligible for this job but interviews are the main hurdle which you have to overcome proficiently. Questions which are usually asked during an interviews revolve mostly around you. Why you want this job? What makes you different? Why should they hire you? In more senior posts they will also include what you have achieved and how you went about getting results.

Other areas that you need to consider are: What are your professional strengths and weaknesses and how efficiently you can use them in various conditions? What are your experiences and professional achievements in regards to available job? How extensively do you know about the company or institute that you are looking to join? You should be well read and have thorough knowledge so you are able to respond to questions confidently.

Preparation is key. This will show that you are motivated, confident and have what it takes to do the job. Top Suffolk jobs gives can help you – join here and start searching for your dream job.