How will Brexit impact Suffolk jobs?

Brexit Impact 

Following Brexit, it might probably be that the net UK contributions should be able to release finance for UK industries. As a result of this, Suffolk recruitment industry would profit from the increase in activity and funding.

Many people who support Brexit believe that small and medium enterprise SME’s will greatly benefit from it, considering the fact that they will no longer be drawn back by the regulations of the EU. Research found that many people believe that the European Union makes it more challenging for them to employ people, and as a result it is of more help to their business instead it is causing limitations.

Although Brexit has its own disadvantage, it will only be for a while and might even not be a drawback after all, because the UK is going to undergo a transition which will bring about an effective and immediate change. This change will bring about increase in the recruitment sector, although the UK might keep several EU laws. Brexit will provide the UK with an avenue to make its own decisions without meddling. One thing is certain; we might presently not have the full understanding of the impact all this is going to have on Britain. Without doubt that the positives of Britain exit from the EU will come to light as time goes on. Irrespective of what one might think, this decision by UK will have its impact on factors like economy and employment.

British Exit

Britain exit from the EU allows them to regain their national authority. This gives markets in Suffolk the opportunity to absorb everything and return to basics of doing business. Britain has a much larger share of EU in trade. The official trade statistics reveals that 63 percent of Britain’s goods exports are linked to EU membership and these trade relations can be hindered in case of Brexit.

Furthermore, this separation from EU is going to allow Britain to negotiate its own deals with non-EU countries. It should easier for non-EU countries, because other non-EU countries would expect faster decision making.

Some seem to be looking at the uncertainty as to what the future holds for Suffolk after the event of Brexit. The truth of the matter is that, while Brexit is unique to the UK, it might also have its own big challenges. People who are presently thinking about investing in Suffolk might begin to take a second thought because they would feel like they are yet to know what sort of impact Brexit would have on Suffolk. Investors are likely to hold back until the Brexit impact is clear before they make their decision to invest. Brexit might also pose a risk to the development and growth of UK’s exports and financial services.

One might not be able to ascertain for sure how the whole event would pan-out. But whichever way, the government has a challenge to ensure that Brexit provides a positive result for Suffolk and UK.

How tourism helps Suffolk employment

Suffolk Tourism

Over the years, the value of Suffolk’s tourism industry has steadily grown and now exceeds £1.85 billion a year.  A recent report indicates that over 38,000 people were employed in jobs relating to tourism during the year 2013. This equates to about 12.3 percent of the Suffolk employment market.

Tourism is obviously a very important industry in every country of the world. Many countries and cities around the world today are working towards improving tourism and boost their respective economy. However, the most important and profitable aspect of tourism is the ability to create a vast number of quality jobs.

Many visitors coming to Suffolk tend to stay for a long period of time, due to the variety of attractions. Day trippers are very valuable, because they help to generate about £10m annually for the Suffolk economy. Revenue from drink and food is very important, but Suffolk targets the large spending overnight visitors. As overnight visitors help to generate more revenues and create more job opportunities. This is the reason why the Suffolk Council is planning to attract more visitors both from the UK and overseas.

The travel and tourism industry has succeeded in creating variety of Suffolk employment opportunities. One thing is certain, the greater the number of tourists, the more the job opportunities.

Typical Tourism Jobs

One can easily find travel and tourism jobs in Suffolk with topsuffolkjobs, just logon. They work with many recruitment agencies and local employers to help people find Travel and Tourism jobs. Below is a list of the kinds of jobs tourism and travels can offer.

Travel Adviser


Travel Specialist

Customer Service Assistant

Duty Manager

Apprentice Gym Instructor


Customer Adviser

Bar and Waiting Team Member

Personal Trainers

Leisure Attendant Apprentice

Yoga Instructor

Bus Driver


Coffee – Dessert Maker

Sales Associate

Retail Deputy Manager

Benefits of Tourism

Tourism helps to improve the industry in a dynamic way. Tourists not only like to visit very developed places, they also like to move around and maximise their experience. They might choose to shop or dine in the villages, in towns, or even the coastal areas. All of these activities are of great benefit to the economy of Suffolk.

To develop the valuable Suffolk tourism industry and provide job opportunities, it is then necessary to invest in this industry. Tourism has an important multiplier effect. Tourism provides revenue generation for the government and economy and boosts the employment market.

Reducing taxes would also help by making travelling to Suffolk much more cost effective. This would make more people to visit and as a result, more tax will be generated. The government also has a responsibility to create a very good environment for the tourism industry.